"Cole has been teaching my 9 year old grandson, Noah, guitar for the last few months.  Knowing how to play the guitar and knowing how to teach the guitar are two different things.  Cole excels in both.  His ability to motivate and inspire have allowed Noah to progress in a more than satisfactory manner.  Noah looks forward to his weekly lesson and enjoys his time there even if it is demanding.  Cole mixes learning to play the guitar with learning to read music which are providing the foundational skills Noah needs.  I would recommend Cole as a teacher as he is very competent and I would be happy to speak to anyone considering using Cole as and instructor."

                                                   -Bob Potter


"Cole is a very organized, diligent, motivated, and passionate teacher who has subbed for my own classes (Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade) several times. He has never had any difficulty following the notes or lesson plans that I left for him, but more importantly, he took the initiative where necessary to create his own assignments and projects for the students. I was very impressed at the way he was able to boost their confidence and spur their creativity. Reports back from the class itself, as well as from the other faculty, were uniformly positive.  I would not hesitate to contact Cole about subbing in the future, and I believe he would be an excellent addition to any school."

                                                   -Andrew Durkin, Music Educator, Faithful Savior K-8 School


"Cole Robinson is not only an extraordinary guitar player, but he also has the patience and understanding that a great teacher needs. His teaching style is gentle and responsive. He cares about his students as people and guitarists. He understands the difficulties that beginning guitar students face and challenges that advanced students must overcome. He is knowledgeable about music theory but also knows how to shred a rock or jazz tune. I highly recommend Cole as a teacher to any level of guitarist."

                                                   -Pete Bryant, Music Educator, Portland Sun Program                                                  


"You are destroying my son's summer video game aspirations."



"Cole inspires quietly through example and cares deeply about the young people he works with.  His goal is to figure out how to make each individual shine, excel, and feel empowered and this he does!"

                                                   -Robin Bernardi, Director, Culture Jam