July 19th 2018

New policies and rates for private lessons and ensembles to take effect September 1st 2018

With the goal of creating more time to focus on students, I am announcing new policies and pricing. The goal of these changes is to streamline pricing, accounting and scheduling so that students, parents and myself can focus more on quality instruction time. The new policies will help me devote more time to lesson preparation, develop a new ensemble leadership program and coordinate a new awards program. I’ll also continue to seek out new opportunities for my students such as experiences in the community and helping them connect with their musical peers outside the classroom.

You’ll find the new pricing to be competitive with other schools while still offering a unique learning experience that helps students grow as individual musicians and as part of a group.

I am also working to make scholarship funding available through fundraising, my own contributions, and 3rd parties such as PROWUS, a Portland nonprofit that supports music education. If any of these changes cause you a financial hardship or inconvenience, please contact me. I use community feedback to inform all of my decisions and want to make music education as accessible as possible.

Private lessons billed on a quarterly tuition basis

This year, I have reworked the tuition structure so that it will be much easier to budget for lessons. No longer will you have to wonder how much you owe each month. Now, tuition will be paid quarterly. Fall and winter term will be 11 weeks and spring will be 10 weeks. Each quarter will culminate with a student performance. This will help free up time and energy since we will no longer wonder how much lessons are at the end of the month. Summer term may look a little different, contingent on the needs of the students and the program.

Below are the private lesson tuition rates for September through May, billed quarterly. Students enrolled in both ensembles and private lessons receive a $25 discount. Tuition is payable via check or cash. Please make checks out to “Pacific Guitar Studio.” Rates have been adjusted to remain competitive with other schools as well as to account for the high cost of recital venues.

30-minute Lessons

  • Fall Term (September 18th through December 1st) 11 Lessons at $355
  • Winter Term (January 2nd through March 22nd) 11 Lessons at $355
  • Spring Term (April 2nd through June 5th) 10 Lessons at $325

60-minute Lessons

  • Fall Term (September 18th through December 1st) 11 Lessons at $685
  • Winter Term (January 2nd through March 22nd) 11 Lessons at $685
  • Spring Term (April 2nd through June 5th) 10 Lessons at $625

*Note: Non-weekly lesson schedules, such as bi-weekly lessons, can be made by special arrangement. Please contact me for more information.

Swap list and Skype lessons in lieu of make-up lessons

In the last few years, I have come to realize that the number of makeup lessons I have been giving has required extensive time to coordinate, which takes away from the time I need to prepare for regularly scheduled lessons. I will now be offering alternatives for students who cannot make their scheduled lessons, but will no longer be giving make up lessons. If you need to miss your lesson due to an illness, family trip, etc., you have two options:

  • Skype or Facetime lesson during your regular lesson time. Move forward on the material that I have prepared for this lesson time and stay on track toward meeting your goals and staying on top of your band’s repertoire. Sorry, Skype lessons cannot be scheduled outside of your regular time.

  • Additionally, you can opt-in to a “swap list.” As a member of the swap list you can contact another student or family of a student and request that they swap lesson times with you.


No refunds of tuition will be given after the 3rd lesson of the term has been completed, except in the case of instructor absences.

Instructor absences

As a working musician, there will be times when I will have to miss lessons for performances. In such instances you will be notified at least one month in advance and tuition will be refunded at the rate of $60/hour. These engagements are necessary for me to maintain my skills and value as an educator, and I appreciate your understanding. Additionally, if I am sick I will also apply the above-mentioned refund.

Ensemble tuition

Ensemble classes will be billed for their full tuition every quarter. After the 3rd class there will be no refunds of tuition.

To help fund the increasing costs of recitals and provide a better recital experience, the revised ensemble tuition is as follows:

  • Fall Term 11 weeks $380

  • Winter Term 11 weeks $380

  • Spring Term 10 Weeks $350

In the last year of teaching ensembles, I have witnessed an unprecedented amount of growth in my student’s musicianship, leadership, and communication. I attribute the success of this growth to the small class size and the time I spend preparing for each ensemble class. As overhead costs continue to rise, it is my goal to maintain this level of quality without having to increase the student to teacher ratio or reduce the amount of time I spend crafting the lessons.

I welcome your questions and concerns regarding these changes. Please feel free to reach out at info@pacificguitarstudio.com or by phone at 503-522-9191.

Thank you so much for your patronage and your support of the music community that we build together!