Application for Fall Ensembles Classes

To enroll in an ensemble, please fill out the form below.  If you have questions, please call 971.238.4591.  After you apply you will be contacted to discuss placement in an ensemble and/or an audition if you are a new student. For full ensemble description and policies click here.  Ensemble classes will be billed for their full tuition every quarter.  After the third class there will be no refunds of tuition. You will me contacted shortly after filling out this form to discuss auditions and/or placement in an ensemble.

A quick summary of 11 week fall term lesson rates:

30min weekly lessons: $355

60min weekly lessons: $685

Bi-weekly 60min lessons: $355

Ensemble Tuition: $380

Student Name *
Student Name
Parent Name (If Applicable)
Parent Name (If Applicable)
Are you interested in private lessons in addition to ensemble classes?
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Student Birth Date
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Phone Number
I aim to represent everyone properly at recital time. Please give me any helpful hints you can offer about how to properly pronounce your (or your student's) name. Ex. "Cole, like Dole bananas but with a C instead of a D." If you have performed in a previous PGS recital and your name has been correctly announced, you may omit answering this question.
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Name
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Emergency Contact Phone
Please list your availability. Please note, the more flexible you are with your availability with enable me to place you in the most appropriate ensemble possible.
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Attendence Commitment *
Please do your best to attend as many sessions as possible. Learning in this environment is most effective when all members of the team are regularly present. Conflicts do arise, however. In these instances, please notify me in advance of your absences, as I may need to arrange a substitute musician to keep the class engaging for the students present.
Ensemble Payment Policy *
Ensemble classes will be billed for their full tuition every quarter. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to register. The other half is due by the first class meeting. If you prefer, you can make a complete tuition payment at the time of registration. After the 3rd class there will be no refunds of tuition.
ex. My daughter is studying "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Enter Sandman" with her private instructor. She is listening to the band Lettuce a lot.